In the Beginning…

This blog was inspired by a single phone call to my creationist mum. Several months previously my sister (also a creationist and fundamentalist Christian) announced that rather than send her 4 and 5 year old daughter and son to school she was going to homeschool them (read the background story for a more details). During the call with my mum the topic of what my niece and nephew were being taught came up. I’ve always known my mum and sister were bible literalists and believe the world was created in 6 days, 6000 years ago. So I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised when she announced that my niece and nephew were using the bible as their science text book. She defended this by referring to evolution emphatically stating:

“It’s obviously not true!”

It hit me then that in all my mums life no-one had ever taken the time to go through the evidence for evolution by natural selection, or expose the inanity of the biblical creation myth. If there was ever a time to confront this head on it was now when the minds of my niece and nephew were at stake. We agreed during that phone call to begin an online debate over the evidence for evolution verses creationism. No ground rules were set but we agreed that the debate will be rational and evidence based. So I guess my first chalenge will be to explain just what those words even mean.

I don’t fancy my chances at changing her mind but I intend to have some fun trying!

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