Atheist Son Writes… What do you believe (again)?

Dear mum,

Thank you for your reply but unfortunately you didn’t answer the question. The question is that if you dismiss the evidence for evolution by natural selection for the origin of all life on Earth then what alternative do you propose? As I have respectfully requested before, please be very specific in your answer, providing any timeframes, mechanisms, biological processes, and physical events that took place, to produce the millions of species observable on the planet today and in the fossil record. Also, remember at this point you are just providing a summary and so keep it clear and concise (I restricted mine to only 5 lines/130 words) but be aware that, just as I expect you later to demand from me evidence to back up my claims, I too will later be asking for direct, testable evidence to support yours. Failure of one side to provide this empirical evidence will result in forfeiture of ones argument.

This may sound harsh but in fact it is how all science is conducted. A hypothesis is suggested, specific predictions that come from this hypothesis are compared to reality in experiments and if the predictions turn out to be wrong then the hypothesis is incorrect. It doesn’t matter who you are, how intelligent you are, what school you went to or if you believe in god or not, the hypothesis is just plain wrong. All religions, on the other hand, operate very differently, by starting out claiming what it not just believes to be true but already knows to be true, it proceeds to cherry pick the facts to fit its world view and then discourages any questioning of this dogma. Truths in religion are based on books written by bronze-age illiterate goat herders, personal revelations, and appeals to authority figures, whereas science treats as evidence only that which is observable by everyone, testable by anyone, and fits objective reality. Which do you think is a more reliable way to arrive at truth and knowledge?

So I ask again earnestly, please provide a clear and specific summary of how you believe life started and the origin of the species on the Earth. Until we have both outlined our views we cannot begin discussing the empirical evidence we have to support our respective claims, which I so look forward to doing.



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