Atheist Son Writes… What do you believe (testing, testing…is this thing on)?

Dear mum,

Thanks for your reply and I wish you a happy new year too. However, I’m afraid that once again you have failed to answer the question. I don’t want to keep repeating myself so I respectfully urge you to re-read my two original emails where I stated the question and offered my own answer in summary for clarity and your critical examination. To make it simple I have included my previous emails below and highlighted the most relevant parts [omitted for brevity].

I will make one further observation if I may. I have discussed various ideas in science with muslims, christians, catholics and mormons (to name a few). In almost every case they would each avoid answering my honest and clear questions by changing the topic or introducing a vast number of random and completely irrelevant quotes from their particular holy books (quran, bible, bok of mormon, etc) in hopes it would confuse me or put me off asking more questions. It didn’t and it won’t. When this happens I have to interpret an unwillingness to answer as an inability to answer. If you really want to convince me of your view then you can change my mind extremely easily; just show me the evidence! Vague hand waving and appeals to religious books written by primitive ‘men’ (and isn’t italways men) whose scientific knowledge was limited to only what was available during the bronze age (e.g., empirical evidence for a round and rotating Earth was recorded by the Greek Astronomer Pythagoras at least as early as 600 BC – but quite frankly I don’t care as that is not the question we are discussing) only convinces me further that you are unwilling or unable to think for yourself.

So  for a third time I earnestly request you lay out your summarised alternative proposal to evolution by natural selection, much as I did several weeks ago, without wavering from the topic. Only then can we begin to discuss the evidence which I so look forward to doing with you.



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