Creationist Mum Writes… If I keep changing the topic enough can we please forget this evolution stuff?

Hi Sam,
sorry I’ve been so long in answering your questions,   now , on hearing your own personal belief,  quote ” all life on earth originated from a single simple chemical source, capable of reproduction, _ in time – natural selection, resulting to adapt and fill changing into all maner of life on the earth,  for me personaly, it would require for me far more faith to believe that, than believing Gods record described in Genesis. Would you state that man has arisen by the operation of physical and chemical law alone / that is, a process not depending upon intelligence ?  this, you can believe has arisen? , and can be traced back to the origin of life ?  I have more intelligence than that Sam.  I am so glad we are disscusing these things Sam, I also am finding information, which confirms my conclusions in these speculations.  Melvin Calvin, the Noble Prize winner, gave a fascinating lecture as to how certain of the chemicals which are essential to the life process might have arisen by purely natural causes in the dawn of history, but he admitted, as any scientist must admit, that we are very, very far indeed from demonstrating how any of the basic biological “stuff of life” could have come into being by such natural combinatiions.  Even if such molecules could be made from the kind of chemicals that existed in primitive earth atmosphere, there  would be the absolute necessity of the intelligent control of the synthesis by the chemist himself, He said, quote,” As far as I am aware, no scientist claims that the chemical evolution of life is proven, its just pure speculation”.

Now , looking at the origin of life from a Biblical view, there are interesting factors that , logicaly , make a lot of sense. by an act of pure spiritual power God brought into being both matter and enrgy, which together, that is the substance of the universe, He also brought into space and time which, in scientific thinking you call – space-time metric. finally, He brought into operation the laws and rules of the natural world ,which control both the substance of the universe and space-time metric.  We have to reolize that the creation of all these other things was vitally and essentially involved : matter, energy, the space-time metric and natural law. It is inconceivable that matter, energy, space time could have been brought into being without those rules and laws, by which these entities both exist and interact.   Conclution, intelligence has to be behind , and in the whole creation of the origin of life. as explaned in record of all beginnings, in the book og Genesis.    love you my son,   lots of love Mum  xxxxxx

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