Creationist Mum Writes… God pulled the universe out of his magic hat

Hi my lovely son,
I’d like to talk a little further about the origen of life a bit more, as I have been studying more on this subjectfrom both a scientific view point & from the Bible account in Genesis 1,  the order in creation is equql to that of the development of life as determined in Science, ie, the order of events are the same :-    starting with –  matter, light, then with green things, then marine creatures,then flying creatures next the land & animals, & finally man / male * female.  I believe science says that green alge were necessary first to produce oxygen for the air that creatures could breathe. Next, in the Bible order is life in the waters – Gen 1: 20.  Science has found that marine creatures of about eleven classifications appear. the Bible refers to very large winged creatures are next mentioned , according to its kind.  Again both scientists and the Bible put land  & animals next.  Finally, God created man. Science finds that man is last to appear on the earth.
Now Genesis chapter one was written 3,500 years ago, long before scientific knowledge, how is it that the Bible has the order of creation correct?  the only explanation is that the Creator of scientific events is the same as the author of Genesis chapter one.   the next email I’ll writ , I will explain concerning this in more depth, when I return from Wales, there is such a lot we do really have in agreement, I do love you my Sam, with fondest love  Mum ,  Oh have you now got a Bible, so you can check things out ? if not I could send you one . xxxxxxx
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