Atheist Son Writes… Here’s some questions

Dear mum,

Thanks for your email. The questions I asked are the same as I have asked since my very first email; specifically, what do you believe? Unless you define this it’s very hard for me to focus our discussion. For example, there is no point in us debating the age of the universe if we both agree it’s 13.7 billion years old! Just like in my email of February 2nd I have listed below a few specific questions it would be fantastic to know if you agree of disagree with:

Statement Agree Disagree
The universe is around 13.7 billion years old.
Life on Earth began around 3 billion years ago.
All life originated from a single primitive organic source.
All living things can change to become better adapted to their environment (microevolution).
The accumulation of small adaptations (microevolution) guided by natural selection over time resulted in all living and extinct species (macroevolution).
Every species shares a common ancestry and is related to each other.
Humans are part of nature and share a common ancestry with all other animals including chimpanzees.
Animals evolved exactly as science has shown but god occasionally nudged it in the right direction (intelligent design)?
The universe and all life began between 6-10,000 years ago.
Females were made from the rib of a man who was in turn created instantly from dust.
It is entirely possible for snakes to talk.
Humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time.
The bible is the inerrant (i.e. 100% correct) word of God.
Genesis is a true and accurate account of how the universe was created.
No amount of scientific evidence will ever change my belief in creationism.

I look forward to knowing simply if you agree or disagree with each statement. Don’t worry about debating them just yet as we will get around to that later ☺

Much love and appreciation,


P.S. Your email made me think how I could make very clear how unscientific the Christian view of creation is. The result is an illustration I made and attached to this email. Let me know if it’s at all helpful.

Disorderly Creation: How Genesis Contradicts Science

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