Creationist Mum Writes… I bet you never heard these arguments before

Hi at last my son, I have a couple of hrs free , so here I am,

Why I believe in God as the Creator , & sustainer of all the earth , all life as we know it ,  and all the universe ?  Simply put, when you meet & get to know someone , as time goes by & they have proved their true to their word, faithfull to what they promise, always there for you , giving you their assurance, just being in their presence makes you know he’ll never let you down, feeling loved & secure, he’s bigger than all your problems, you’ve guessed it this is my relationship with my Heavenly Father God.  in this relationship., you know , because you know, because you know, & nothing can take that away.  however, from a scientific point of view, I agree I need to bring other evidence of the reality of my experience in the knowledge of Him, the Creator of all.

Evidences of God as Creator . ( the following statements are from various scientists, who have come to their own conclussion from their own research on this subject.)

Stephen C. Meyer, PHD, degreees in physics, geology, master’s in history & philosophy of science- Cambridge Uni. quote, “science points toward theism, –

1)   New cosmology-
The big bang theory & the theoretical underpinning in general relativity. these 2 theories now point to a definate beginning of the universe, the fact that most scientists now believe that energy, matter, space and time had a beginning is profoundly antimaterialistic. the Big Bang theory provides a scientific description of what Christians call ” creatio ex nihilo – creation out of nothing. As Noble Prize – winner  Arno Penzias  said about the Big Bang  ” the best data we have are exactly what I would have predicted had I nothing to go on but the first five books of Moses, the Psalms and the Bible as a whole”.

2)Anthropic fine- tuning –
” the fundmental laws and parameters of physics  have precise numerical values that could have been otherwise. That is, there’s no fundamental reason why these values have to be the way they are. Yet all of these laws and constants conspire in a mathematically incredible way to make life in the universe possible”

3)  The origin of life
“The third example of science pointing toward God is the origin of life and the origin of information necessary to bring life into existence, life at its root requires information, which is stored in DNA and protein molecules.  ” richard Dawkins of Oxford said that” the machine code of the genes is uncannily computer-like. If you reflect on that, you realize that computers run on software programs that are produced by inteligent engineers. Every experience we have about information –  whether its a computer code, hierogglyphic inscription, a book or a cave painting – points toward intelligence.  the same is true about the information inside every cell in every living creature”.

4)An ensemble of evidence
” there’s the evidence for design in molecular machines that defy exlanation by Darwinian natural selection. These integrative, complex systems in biological organisms – which microbiologist Michael Behe calls ” irreducibly complex – include signal transduction circuits, sophisticated motors, and all kinds of biological cicuitry”.  ” you see, these biological machines need all of their various parts in order to function. but how could you ever build such a system by a Darwinian process of natural selection acting on random variations? Natural selection only preserves things that perform a function – which help the organism survive to the next generation – thats survival of the fittest.  ” the problem with irriducibly complex systems is that they perform no function until all the parts are present and working together in close coordination with one another. So natural selection cannot help build such systems; it can only preserve them once they’ve been built. and its virtually impossible for evolution to take such a huge leap by mere chance to create the whole system at once.

5) Human consciousness.
Human consciousness, certainlysupports a theistic view of human nature, Judaism and Christanity clearly teach that we are more than just matter – wer’e not “computers made of meat” in the words of Marvin Minsky, but wer’e made in Gods image. We have the capacity for self reflection, for representational arts, for language, for creativity. Science can’t account for this kind of consciousness merely from the interaction of physical matter in the brain. Where did we come from? again, I think theism provides the best explanation”

In conclucion for the moment ( however, I will share more another time)  Theism, with its concept of a trancendent Creator, provides a more causally adequate explanation of the Big bang than naturalistic explanation can offer, ” the cause of the universe must transcend matter, space and time, which were brought into existence with the Big Bang. The Judeo- Christian God has precisely this attribute of trancendence.  Yet naturalism, by definition, denies the existence of any entity beyond the closed system of nature.
“The  fine -tuning of the physical laws and constans of the universe and the precise configuration of its initial conditions, dating back to the origin of the universe itself, suggest the need for a cause that’s intelligent. Theism affirms the existence of an entity that’s not only transcendent but intelligent as well – namely. God, thus theism can explain both the Big Bang cosmology, and the anthropic fine -tuning.

Hopefully, this will help you to ; with an open mind,  look further than the theory of evolution.  to be continued…………………

I love you my son , Mum

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2 Responses to Creationist Mum Writes… I bet you never heard these arguments before

  1. Max says:

    Well I found the website that she got most of her quotes from: The Dawkins quote made me laugh out loud. Here is what the quote from the website actually says: “Richard Dawkins of Oxford said that “the machine code of the genes is uncannily computer-like.” If you reflect on that, you realize that computers run on software programs that are produced by intelligent engineers. Every experience we have about information -whether it’s a computer code, hieroglyphic inscription, a book, or a cave painting-points toward intelligence. The same is true about the information inside every cell in every living creature. -Meyer PHD”

    • Hi Max,

      This is great, thanks! I knew the Dawkins quote was going to be out of context but hadn’t found it. Knowing the source of the the creationist canards is going to be extremely useful when composing my reply ;). I’m certainly also open to other ideas and suggestions for how to respond.

      Thanks for commenting!

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