Creationist Mum Writes… Genes aren’t real

Hi Sam , I’ve looked at your email, looked at the map, its all very intiresting, but all this is suposition, a lovely idea, & I do appreciate all the hard work you are doing to try to covince me of its reality, thank you, i will investigate all that you are sending me, thank you, unfortunately, you have come to some very wrong conclutiones about your Creator God, he is not a dictator, clearly you have not looked at the evidence in His Word, nor truly experienced His Love for you, He would never force Himself. or abuse you, He made you with many amazing gifs, & abilities most of all, your own free will, I am sorry to hear that you have come to these wrong conclutions, thank you again, may this year be trully great, with fondest love ┬áMum

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