Atheist Son Writes… You want to study the bible? Let’s really study the bible!

Dear mum,

Let me briefly respond to your email. You wrote:

“I’ve looked at your email, looked at the map, its all very intiresting, but all this is suposition, a lovely idea”

Yes… if by ‘supposition’ you mean a large body of empirical evidence, independently reproduced by hundreds of researchers around the world and further verified by many strands of scientific enquiry including genetics, molecular biology, archeology, paleontology, and climatology. In other words, fact.

“I will investigate all that you are sending me”

Hopefully the reading and video material I sent you will answer any questions you have. Let me know.

“…unfortunately, you have come to some very wrong conclutiones about your Creator God, he is not a dictator, clearly you have not looked at the evidence in His Word, nor truly experienced His Love for you, He would never force Himself. or abuse you, He made you with many amazing gifs, & abilities most of all, your own free will”

I’ve never quite understood the Christian insistence that their sky daddy granted his minions free will to choose. You must love and fear me and go to heaven OR disobey me and burn in the pit of hell for all eternity. Only a religious fundamentalist can say “do as I say or die” and call that free will. Wake up! It is never free will if offered with a gun to your head.

As for god never acting like a dictator… are you and I reading the same book? Sure, you can cherry-pick verses in the bible where god says nice things, but Christians (and blind followers of all religions) conveniently seem to ignore the parts of the bible were god does despicable and evil acts that would make any earthly dictator blush. I made the attached Venn diagram to illustrate my point. Remember… every line is backed-up by the bible.

Please don’t think I’m trying to upset you. I’m really not. I’m simply responding factually to assertions you made without providing a scintilla of evidence.

Which brings me to my final thought. It’s now been a year since we started debating the origin of life and while I have offered vast amounts of evidence all you have provided are, essentially, quotes from the bible. We could continue in this way but I suspect we will get nowhere until we address the question of the bible as evidence. For this reason I propose we address this topic directly, and specifically try to determine which of the following statements is objectively true:

The bible is:

  1. the 100% inerrant and literal word of god.
  2. the word of men interpreting god, sometimes correctly, other times incorrectly.
  3. a man-made, multi-origin, mixture of ancient myths, fabrications, second-hand historical accounts and bronze-age morality.

Which of the above statements (if any) do you most agree with? If you would like us to begin sharing a conversation to decide the origin and accuracy of the bible then let me know. I certainly expect you may be more comfortable discussing this than science, and I would love to discover whether the basis for your unquestioning trust in this book is anything more than wishful thinking!

Love, reason and understanding,


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