Creationist Mum Writes… 5 reasons the bible is amazing

Hi my son, before we go on further, I’d like to share with you some more information about this amazing book, the Bible :-

1. It was sourced from multiple authors hundreds of years apart;yes it is the oldest book in the world; yet it has survived down 40 centuries of human history.Other ancient records have perished and have been discovered only by archaeology, but the Bible has been handed down the ages.

2. It has been preserved because those who wrote it , were told by God that its records were to lead to the Saviour of the world. Handed down from Abraham to the apostles and from Adam to the second Adam – Jesus. From the beginning in chapter one of Genesis, throughout the book, we read ” God said …..”.

3. Unlike other books is its origin, its unity, structure and subject matter, all argue for a supernatural authorship. Having no editor or Publishing House overseeing it, yet it was compiled over a 1500yr period; comprising of 40 authors with 20 different occupations; living from 10 different countries. This massive volume of 66 books, covers every subject from prose, poetry, romance, history mystery, health and science.

4. Another evidence that it is a supernatural book is because of the unity it displays despite such wide references amongst authors and cultures and forms of expression , with its central theme from the old Testament through the new Testament being Jesus Christ. Since 1455 2billion have been published.

5. Unlike other books is its truthfulness about its main characters, even to the point of being unfavourable. for example “King David ” a great hero ! yes, but also a murderer and adulterer, or the great Missionary Paul, who also also breathed out threats of death to those first believers, and persecuting them. We don’t write books to win people and influence people if we say bad things about them!.

In my next email, I’d like to address a few other comments you made , thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to share with you all these amasing facts about the Bible.

With love Truth, and evidence,

from Mum

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