Creationist Mum Writes… (more) archaeological evidence for the bible

Hi Sam,

at last I’m back with you, here are just a few subjects I’d still like to follow up with you on your comments.

1. the wailing wall, its still standing ! yes, but lets see how literally Titus fulfilled Christ’s prophesy.

his army carted earth and wood from 11miles around Jerusalem. with it , he built rows of encircling banks and even 3 towers 75ft high from which to shoot missiles into the city. We read in Luke 19:43,44, “Jesus wept over the city and said “your enemies will cast up a bank around you, surround you and hem you in on every side, and dash you to the ground.” this was not a war about “religion” as you quoted, it was the time of the Roman Empire, as prophesied by Daniel when he prophesied the establishing of all world empires, – 1 Babylonion- Gold, 2 Medo- Persian –
Silver. 3 Greek- copper, 4 Roman- iron Daniel 2 :40. 5 Middle Ages – Iron & Clay European Common Market The Stone, which is the Lord Christ Daniel 2 :45 . Written 605 B.C.

2. Contrary to what you said concerning the time of Christ’s birth during the time of Herod, as quoted by Luke 2:1. Luke meticulously establishes the historical circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus, relating it to events in the roman empire. Caesar Augustus was emperor from 30B.C until A,d,14. Quirinus was governor of Syria during 10-7 B,C and later servrd a second term during A,d 6-9.

3. Lastly, concerning your remark about camels not being around during the time of Abraham, not true. Bones of domesticated camels 2000B.C have now been found. Gen 24: 10, Abrahams time. some critics give dates 200 yrs later than Bible dates and then accuse the Bible of not matching history.

Sam thats all for now, thanks to you , I’m searching more diligently into all these evidences, we are looking for the same thing the real truth.

Lots of love


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