Summer break is over… back to homeschool

So these past three months my mum has been in the US staying with my sister, her son-in-law and grandchildren. During this time I heard very little from her, which prematurely ended our current thread. To further complicate matters my mum has recently discovered the wonders of Skype, which means it’s likely our ongoing creationism verses science debate will sometimes spill over into our live online chats. When this happens (rest assured it won’t be that often) I’ll do my best to post summaries, or annotate posts, including any relevant background.

A case in point, is a Skype call that took place the week my mum returned from the US raving about how zealously my sister has been homeschooling her children ages 5 and 6. On the face of things it sounds like they are two happy and creative children (albeit overtly religious) which is great to hear. However, I then asked what teaching materials they are being homeschooled with. She told me it was called A Beka Academy, which I admit I had never heard of.  I told my mum I would look into A Beka and write to let her know what I found…

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