Atheist Son Writes… in defence of two tiny minds

Dear Mum,

These are not crazy conclusions, these are what these A Beka materials really do teach. It’s certainly possible that the age level of the books my niece and nephew are being taught do not include these specific things, but I can assure you the whole religious approach will be grooming their minds to accept bigoted views by setting up the Bible as absolute authority.

Frankly it surprises me that you can so casually allow this to go on. Just the FACT these materials will eventually teach these things and buying these materials is funding a racist and bigoted political viewpoint should be enough for you to reject them. I am not questioning my sister’s good intentions. I do, however, question her – and now your – judgement. Just because a book says ‘Christian’ on it does not make it all fine!

Surely you can see why I am extremely concerned? If not you are willingly turning a blind eye, as you continue to do to all the evidence disproving creationism that I’ve show you!

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