Creationist Mum Writes… teaching is believing

Hi Sam,

thank you, I do see why you are concerned, and I do appreciate what your saying, especially in “America” there are so called “Christians” who very easily could bring in their bias wrong views, just as you have shared, therefore, I will make your sister aware of these prejudices, and judgements. Thank you again. now I’d like to share a little of what I know she is teaching her children.

The teaching she is sharing beyond academically is what she is demonstrating in her life. It’s about loving, sharing, and forgiving one another, Jesus being the best example. He went around not just preaching about the Kingdom of God, but demonstrating it with His life, giving of Himself 24/7, meeting the needs of people, spiritually physically and emotionally, Bringing healing,wholeness love, peace, forgiveness , healing the broken hearted, and ultimately taking our place in death, so we can receive His eternal Life. This is what your sister is sharing with her children, to think of others before themselves, not to be selfish, not to judge others , not to be prejudice, to forgive one another. Please give your sister a bit of credit, she’s not blindly going to teach her children these teachings that are totally opposite to her beliefs.

From your grateful and concerned Mum xx.

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