Creationist Mum Writes…in defence of A Beka homeshooling

Hi Sam, I can assure you that these materials definitely do not teach anything that you have shown me, Continue reading

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Atheist Son Writes… A Beka Academy should come with a R rating (not suitable for children)

Dear mum,

A Beka Academy is even worse that I thought it would be! Here’s a few examples of what they teach: Continue reading

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Summer break is over… back to homeschool

So these past three months my mum has been in the US staying with my sister, her son-in-law and grandchildren. During this time I heard very little from her, which prematurely ended our current thread. To further complicate matters my mum has recently discovered the wonders of Skype, which means it’s likely our ongoing creationism verses science debate will sometimes spill over into our live online chats. When this happens (rest assured it won’t be that often) I’ll do my best to post summaries, or annotate posts, including any relevant background. Continue reading

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Creationist Mum Writes… (more) archaeological evidence for the bible

Hi Sam,

at last I’m back with you, here are just a few subjects I’d still like to follow up with you on your comments.

1. the wailing wall, its still standing ! yes, but lets see how literally Titus fulfilled Christ’s prophesy.

Continue reading

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Atheist Son Writes… 5 reasons why your reasoning fails

Dear mum,

I’m really not sure who you are trying to convince on the relevance of the bible with the five arguments you made. Your ‘evidence’ so far leads me to think this is the first time you have ever given this subject any serious thought. Certainly, you must realise that if the bible is as amazing as you say it would be easy to find rock-solid evidence to defend it against godless heathens like myself. And yet, are the arguments below the best you have?! Continue reading

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Creationist Mum Writes… 5 reasons the bible is amazing

Hi my son, before we go on further, I’d like to share with you some more information about this amazing book, the Bible :- Continue reading

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Atheist Son Writes… Archaeology contradicts the bible

Dear mum,

It’s great to hear from you. I appreciate the time you spend answering my emails as I know the church takes up a lot of your time. We are both very busy but I value our discussion. Please let me know more of what you think about your DNA haplogrouping – evidence in your very own blood that creationism is flat-out wrong – and if it has changed the way you think about evolution.

I’m glad to see you have picked up my gauntlet and are willing to discuss the origin and accuracy of the bible and if it can be used as a trustworthy source. Continue reading

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